Make Your Own Soap

You can come into the Mechanicsburg store to make your own soap any Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! No appointment necessary.

What is it?
The process is fairly simple; we have melted soap base on hand and you get to choose your own fragrances, colors and molds!

How much does it cost?
It is $11.95 + tax for 16 ounces of soap with two fragrances and two colors.

How do we do it?
You will get two 8 ounce cups of melted clear detergent-free soap. Each cup can get its own fragrance and color. You add, mix and pour into your favorite molds. Depending on the molds you choose, it usually makes 4-6 bars of soap.

How long does it take?
It is a fairly quick process, it usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

What is it made of?
We choose to use a coconut oil based soap that is vegan and detergent free (that means it is real soap without synthetic cleansers). The clear base will let the sparkles shine through. Our fragrance oils are safe, vegan and phthalate free. You can choose from a selection of mica powder pigments that add color and shimmer to your soaps.

Is it safe for children?
Absolutely. It’s basically melted soap, there are no harmful ingredients involved. It’s not hot enough to burn but we do provide optional safety glasses and disposable gloves because any kind of soap in the eye isn’t fun!

When can we take it home?
The soap does take about an hour to set up, you can pick up later that day or anytime after. We will have it packaged and ready for you.