About Glitz

I’m Alicia Miller, the one and only person behind Glitz Soap Co. I am a married mom of two in South Central Pennsylvania with a sewing/soaping two story she-shed. 

For all of my adult life, I’ve been searching out vegan handmade soaps everywhere I go. There’s nothing like good old fashioned handmade soap! Then I learned how to make it myself as a hobby. It took a few years of perfecting the base recipe before I’d start thinking of selling it and here we are. Handmade soaps with the best plant-based oils and natural additives I can source.

My mission is to use only cruelty-free vegan ingredients in everything I make. It’s quite difficult to find a vegan soap without palm oil. It is cheap and adds hardness and longevity to a bar of soap. But, the palm oil industry is linked to major issues such as deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, and animal cruelty - even so-called sustainable palm oil. It’s possible to get clean without it, so I figure why include it? I decided to include solid butters like shea and cocoa instead of palm oil. 

I am very proud of everything I make and I truly hope you enjoy using the products as much as I enjoy making them.

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